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The Unexpected (PART 2)

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while u r reading this story,make sure u r listening to YUNA-AFTER MIDNIGHT(it's in my playlist)..hahahah hope this story will haunt u tonight!hahahah

I glanced at my watch. It was 12.30 am. I was still traumatized by the dreadful incident that happened about two hours ago. What caused her suicide, still I didn’t know. I pulled the blanket to cover my face. I began to think about Angela; sort of a flashback I probably said. I have known her since we were in high school but we were ignoring each other. She was with her crews and me with mine. Back then, she was so adorable with her pleasant smile and laugh. I could say that she was kind of popular and every boy wanted to date her. She had a great life!

Unfortunately, it all changed dramatically insofar as last month. She started out being a quiet person. She didn’t talk at all, surprisingly. When she were asked about something, she would answer it as simple as possible but on a piece of paper. (I know! Weird wasn’t it?) Angela’s drastic changes made me marvel. Last two years, her family died in a terrifying accident. Still, she managed to adapt in life without a family. She was amazingly independent. I released a heavy sigh and pulled away the blanket. I felt hot, really.

“Boo!” She popped out beside the bed I was laying.

“Gosh! For God’s sake, couldn’t you knock the door first?” I groaned.

“There are clues in my laptop. Open it!”

“Couldn’t you just let me sleep first?”

“You have made a promise to help me, Carol!” She bawled and she came closer and closer to me. Ooh, that creepy look again! With her long hair, reddish eyes and blood flowing down from her head; she was freaking me out!

“Alright, alright!” I got up from the bed, brought the laptop onto the bed and switched on the laptop.

“Great! I have to enter password but I did know nothing about it! What do you want me to do now?” I rolled my eyes.

“Just guess and type something.” Whatever! I said to myself. I entered her birthday first.


“Look, I will try again some other time, OK? I seriously don’t have the mood now; I am tired, Angela! I got class tomorrow, FYI!” I quickly turn off the laptop. Like a flash, she held my hand.

“What are you trying to do, Carol? Didn’t you want to lend a hand?” Angela gazed at me. It was like she was zooming me.

“Yes, I did say I wanted to solve your case but not right now, alright? Please, I need to rest.” Without her permission (duh, it’s not like I need one!), I lied down and close my eyes. Abruptly, I felt breeze on my face. I said to her without open up my eyes, “What now, Angela? I already have the air conditioner and I don’t need your help to keep me cool.”

About 5 minutes later, I scanned the room. Fewh! At last, she’s gone!

I continued a peaceful life without her for a few days. Maybe she had fed up with me, I guess. I drove my car to my favourite spot to have brunch (breakfast + lunch). After a quick menu order, I was lost in the panoramic view of the human-made waterfall. Perhaps I should take some time to enjoy the nature in a wood. Besides, I had struggle a lot; in studies and works.

“Carol!” It’s her. No, no. Not Angela, but Kate. (Who’s Kate? You’ll know later.)

“I heard about her. I am sorry for you.” Kate took a seat in front of me.

“Well, who doesn’t? Thanks, Kate.” Slowly, I sucked the honeydew juice through the straw.

“Carol, there’s something I’d like to ask you. I hope you will not get mad about it.”

“Go ahead, just ask.”

“I heard many students said that you were the one who killed Angela. Is that true?” I widened my eyes.

to be continued........

hahaha kalau x best tu kirenye sbb tuleh cte ne siang2..xde feel kot?wahaahaha

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Anonymous said...

Uhm...this version is kinda okay..maybe it's shorter than the 1st one, and less surprise/creepy.

but, it's like you're writing a blog, not a story (geeeee do i sounds garang/serious??? :D)

add some more dramatic elements okay kot, lagi2 bile Kate 'tuduh' carol bunuh angela - mcm cuak2 skit, lebih kurang la :)

go go ^__^!

aL sYa on 1 April 2009 at 19:40 said...

kak nurul,
did i?hihi
actually i've read one novel,
author tu wat cte style cmni(ade explanation/extra dlm bracket)..
so,mcm copy style die jgk la~

thx anyway~ =p

mlm nt try sambung lak wahahahah


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