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engineer boyfriend..haha =p

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found this great article to be shared..

Since the beginning of time, human kind has realized that the best profession to become involved with is Engineering. The engineer has the ability to not only be a reliable provider, but also be the most compassionate, loving partner that the Earth has ever seen.

In writing this article, I had to consult several experts in the field of dating engineers to determine the exact appeal of the common engineer. It was a little difficult for me to come up with on my own, but with some collaboration we seem to have broken it down to several key points.

Primarily, engineers are generally well endowed in income. Even before they graduate, their semesters of well paid co-op give them the chance to make large sums of money. When they are not spending this money on beer, they are happy to spend a little on someone else. This makes them prime subjects to be turned into sugar daddies and sugar mommies.

You know how every family has that person designated to do technical support? By dating an engineer, you no longer have to worry about relying on that relative. Going steady with an engineer pretty much guarantees you your own personal 24/7 network technician to fix your computer, cellphone, etc. Never again will you have to pay to send in a piece of technology for repairs and be without it for weeks. And don’t underestimate the engineer’s fix-it abilities. They can generally also provide plumbing and home theatre installation services too, pro bono.

As you all know, male engineers greatly outnumber female engineers. However, there are positives to getting involved with both. If you are a female dating a male engineer, there will rarely be situations that could make you jealous because they are rarely around other females. If you are a male dating a female engineer, you will realize that the female is around males so much that she knows how they work and what they like.


HAH!the part 'guarantees you your own personal 24/7 network technician to fix your computer, cellphone, etc. Never again will you have to pay to send in a piece of technology for repairs and be without it for weeks' is like SOOO's in him.. =)
in other article also states that engineer spends more on their 'toys' um,cool gadgets..especially the latest what are your comments on this?hehe

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Hokie Heather said...

I am dating a Mechanical/Nuclear Engineer and while some make money while still in school its becoming more likely these days that they are as broke as anyone while in school and until they get established in a company, still have money worries as they first start out. However, as great as my Engineer is, with always being there for me while I keep seeking a job post graduation and footing gas bill for me and other small things, I do know that many of the guys we both went to college with whom were engineers are very stingy with money so I would not say they are overly generous unless they have already more than enough money to get by on and all. Though it is still a very good person to fall in love with because they are more secure financially than most these days. I would say dating an engineer can be a good thing, but only if you plan on taking an interest in what he does and can deal with their eccentricities which I love about my engineer, otherwise best to follow your heart elsewhere. It took them alot to get that degree and earn what they do, so they arent stupid, if your looking for a sugar daddy, pick someone with a less intensive degree.


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