Monday, 5 January 2009

F.R.I.E.N.D - how to be a good one?

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I spent my midnight time juz to create this..we usually have friends,right?little do people don't have friend(s)..what I am trying to talk about today is how to be a good friend..why I chose this topic?well,I found out that many people have friends but they do not know how to be a good friend and how to treat their friends..I wanted to share this with you guys..

what about feelings?feelings are very important..what I meant is,respect our friends' feelings..feelings also mean love and care..we must love our friends and care about them..when there are love and care,we respect our friends' feelings..

rectitude = honesty..honesty is also very important in friendship..tell me,what do you feel when your friend(s) lied to you?feel sick,right?I understand that really much..try your best not to lie to your friend(s) if you love the friendship..R can also stand for are the sunshine of their life..cheer them up!

identification..identify the likes and dislikes of your friend(s)..when you have identified their likes,you can use that to make them happy..when you know their dislikes,you can avoid that to make your friend(s) happy,too..

when your friend is in trouble,lend your ears..listen to what he/she is saying carefully..DO NOT ignore him/her so you can watch out if he/she trying to do something crazy such as SUICIDE..also,try give a good opinion/suggestion to help him/her out..your friend will certainly felt relief(even a little) when you are there to hear his/her problem and solve it..

be nice to all people,especially to your can help them pack up things,carry things,give them a present or your hugs or smiles.. =)

yes,being a down-to-earth friend is much important..your friend absolutely will get sick of you if you always showing your expensive things or whatever just to make them feel jealous of you a.k.a *showing off*..avoid that,please..

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friends are important in our life..cherish them.. =)

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