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Temper is a behaviour. According to my omg-it's-so-heavy Cambridge dictionary,temper is when someone becomes angry very quickly. What temper has to do with me? There is a symbiosis between temper and I. Temper is like a parasite to me. One has the benefit while another one is harmed(of course that one is me..)It's true that I get mad easily. It's not that I always get angry, but I just become angry very quickly..

Temper and LDP

I needed my temper,really,when I was on duty as one of the Student Disciplinary Board(Lembaga Disiplin Pelajar - LDP,for short)back in my beloved school, MARA Junior Science College Pengkalan Chepa.You see, my job is quite interesting for those who loved to shout(or to test their vocal bwahahaha..). I was on duty on Sunday,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday.Okay,it's easier to mention that I was not on duty only on the weekends; Friday and Saturday.Ehh rasenye Friday pn ade keje gk hoho..let me get this..
Sunday : Dormitory (Block C)-morning n nite prep
Monday : Academic Block-morning n after d day prep
Tuesday : Academic Block-morning n after d day prep
Wednesday : Dormitory (Block E)-morning n nite prep
Thursday : Blocking..wawa (I don't know which word is appropriate to use for SEKATAN haha)- started at 7.20 am
Friday : Gotong-royong : Block D (Checking,of course..)-9 am

On Sunday morning, I had to face the biggest pressure(I guess).Why?Cuz at 7.15 am (the time when the dormitory should have been emptied),there were still people in the area.Sorry to mention,C1 and C3,two members of each dorm C1 n C3 made me lose my temper every Sunday Morning.At 7.15 am,sometimes one was still ironing her uniform or one still had not take her shower yet or the most annoyed part,ONE(or maybe TWO) STILL ASLEEP in her oh-so-comfy blanket! I could say that every Sunday morning, I had to wake 'em up~ I knew four of them juz wanted to skip the Dhuha prayer that was scheduled in early morning of Sunday before class. I got sick with that. Come on, it's Sunday morning!The beginning of all days! You can now understand how my day was spoiled with their attitude (n made me lose my temper..grr)

That is not all about temper and LDP.Plus,there's a lot more!I really hope I can write 'em up,but there's just too much haha. Here's another one. The roll call(the one held by BWP/LDP). People get so bored so,they made squeaks n noises during the talk. Seriously,I couldn't stand that! Did they ever know how to respect people who was talking in front?There were also people SMS-ing.sakit hati tak bile kite tengah bercakap kt depan,tapi orang lain tak dengar n sibuk2 maen HP?.I just lost my temper even more if I were the speaker in front,handling the roll call. Eventually, I already get used to it (duh,of course la,they did the same thing in every roll call) although I actually couldn't stand when they menjawab..

Well, as one of the LDP,temper is always with me.We are stuck to each other ya,'buddy'?mwahahaha. I think it's normal for the girls to see me angry when I was on duty.

p/s: dude,i am so pissed off by Bewok,my junior,the hey-i'm-the-gangsta-here-don't-mess-with-me-eh?)

Temper and I

haha even if I didn't get elected as LDP,I still have my temper. Usually,people around me finds that I am a happy-go-lucky person. Can say that I always have the smile on my face everywhere I go,besides the hey-smile-to-me face,too =p.. but babe,my temper has its limit. Don't mess with me (Now I sounded more like Bewok!Damn it!haha)

My temper usually reach its limit during my menstruation. yeah,yeah it's PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome).But I could also say that my temper also lead to a quarrel between friends.I realized that is a NO-NO-NO thing to do in friendships. It's just,sometimes I couldn't control my temper.Danger!Danger!Alyaa's head is going to explode!

Temper and Future

ah-ha!What about my future,eh?I think that if i do not start to control my temper from now on,I will cause more damages in my life.How about if I have a child (or children) someday but temper is still driving me mad?God, I am really afraid if I treat 'em like people who do not have feelings..or maybe abuse them?whoa.I hope that is not going to happen.I think I will love my children very much (aww..huhu).Maybe I'll juz get angry when they act

some of my friends said that I'll ended up as Cikgu Zainab (my fierce Malay Language teacher but with a good heart - i love her =) )huhu


To those out there,I am really REALLY sorry if I have raised my voice furiously towards you. Let's juz pray that I'll soon manage to control my own temper before I hurt more people that I loved. Love ya,muaxx!

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Arif Yang Gile on 13 January 2009 at 13:06 said...

Temper x tau,

Tapi kalo tempe tau... tuh makanan masyarakat jawa... sedap,
dibuat daripada kacang soya. :)

pisangkuning on 23 January 2009 at 11:37 said...

ur second comment i guess. being an ldp might be hard ah so what breaking the rules is fun.
sorry for being late every single day


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