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The Unexpected - Part 3

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I stunned. Seriously, does my face look like a murderer? I pierced the fork in the steak in front of me and stare directly to her face.

“I can’t believe you just accused me like that!”

“No! It’s not like that. Don’t get me wrong. We just felt curious. You were the only one with her in the house.” Kate tried to grab my hand but I pulled it away.

“Look, why would you guys think about me like that? It’s not that I had a reason to do so. She’s my housemate and she’s my best friend! Just think about it!” I closed my eyes for a couple of minutes and released a heavy sigh.

“Just go away. I need to be alone,” I said without looking into her face. I was about to enjoy my favourite meal back then. Eventually, I didn’t have the appetite right now. I quickly paid the bill and dashed to my shiny, red Mini Cooper. I didn’t have a time to consider the accuse they made. I had to get out of this place. I would be going to the riverside to calm my mind. Today was a right time to skip the classes.

It was a sunny day. A really hot day and it could burn your skin extremely. I could feel the heat although I was in the car with the air conditioner turned on. The heat made my bad mood changed to worse. What a disaster, I thought. Oh yeah, there should be a disaster right now if I still couldn’t feeling better.

It was not so bad to skip the classes today. I could still study on my own, by the way. It was near twilight and I was heading to the house. Yup, the crime scene. My mind flew to the crime investigation. I heard the police faced a hard time to find the criminal. I guess he was such a pro. A hard applause should be given to him because of murdering my BFF but he could still escape. What a lucky man! I got out of the car and sneaked into the house. I still have the keys, though.

Carol.. Carol.. Come out, come out wherever you are..

My goosebumps were raising all the way. My hairs stood up. I didn’t know why I would scare of her presently.

“What do you want from me, Angela?” I braved myself to speak to her but with a broken voice. I looked all around the house. Her voice was still there but I couldn’t see her.


That’s it; I would leave the house as quick as I could. I ran to the door but the door closed abruptly. I attempted to open door but it won’t open.

“Oh, shoot! Not this time!” She was trying to play with me.

“I don’t want to play with you, Angela! Let me go!” I screamed.


I couldn’t stand her horrifying laugh. It made me shiver. Suddenly a black shadow passed over me.

“What do you want from me, Angela?”

“I want you!” she appeared in front of me. She was only a few inches from me.

“Why? What did I do wrong to you?” Then she disappeared just like a flash.

I think you knew why I want you so bad, Carol! You knew it! You were the one who killed me!

“What? You are just an insane ghost and you would expect me to trust your sayings? Go to hell!” All of a sudden she popped out in front of me. I could feel the cold at my nose; she was so close to my face. Her eyes flushed and red liquid rolled down her cheeks from her eyes. For the first moment in my life, I thought that I just peeing my pants.

You killed me! You go to hell!

The door opened up suddenly and I swiftly ran out. I fell many times on the ground. I was so nervous until the clumsiness came out. She was still laughing just before I stepped into my car. It was very dark and I couldn’t insert the keys in the right place. Just as the engine started, I promptly accelerated the car. I couldn’t wait to get myself out of here. That was a nightmare!

I had a dreamless sleep last night. I was glad because I was still in shock by the last incident but I sleep peacefully. I didn’t have an idea on why would I felt so terrified of her. Her bleeding eyes and with blood all over her; was so different from her first appearing. She said that I killed her, and they also said the same. Was it true? Was I the murderer? My head was in pain right now; it was like my head was going to burst into pieces. Out of the blue, I blacked out.

I opened up my eyes and blinked many times. I looked all around me. I was surprised that I had wakened up in my car. I thought I was in the hotel room just now. My head began to feel the sting again when I was trying to remember the past. What was happening to me??

I slide out of the four wheels and headed to the nearest store. My feet were quite heavy for me to carry. My head also spun like crazy. Very, very dizzy currently. However, I managed to reach the front door of the store. At first I didn’t identify what to look for in this store until I saw the large headline in the newspaper.


I read the details below it.

A girl that was known as Kate Nicole was killed last night during her outing in town.

I fainted.

to be continued.................

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