Wednesday, 7 April 2010

who does not need friends?

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i need friends,i mean,real friends..friends that i can hold on to.there's gotta be somebody rite?
i'm such a loner.but hey,i love to make friends..
it's just that i am afraid to get closer to someone.friends are just friends to me.
it's not that i dun love all of u,but it's something from my past that taught me to be caution every time i'm near people.i learnt that i should not trust people 100% even if they are friends..

people are people and they have their own hidden agenda..i am a softy and too kind-hearted,and i know people will take advantage from me.."amek kesempatan"
in our life,we must be kind to all people,yes,especially if they are kind toward us,and especially if they need one..but in order to survive in this life,we have to be cruel too,not too cruel and not always cruel..that's how we fight people that has an evil heart..being cruel does not make u a cruel person if u know how and when to use wise!

rite,back to the 'trust'..u must be trustworthy if u want someone to trust u..but in life,i think that u should trust people that trust u and that always have your back..
but,u must also be careful,sometimes backstabber is always been around us..
like i said,people have their own hidden agenda..
u'll get pain,sadness n disappointment when the person u thought is a friend was actually a backstabber..
maybe he/she befriend with u for some reasons,for his/her own good..after he/she gain what he/she wanted,they will show their true attitude.."tunjuk belang"

that's what i'm afraid all this time..
i chose people who i can rely to n who's not..
i have my own judgement..
sorry if i acted cruel towards u,
but life is life..
u'll not know what will happens in the future..
so i took this way because i'm scared of being hurt..
it causes agony..
i'm happier this way..

i am still wondering,why people did not take me to be in their group?
am i a freak or something?u have to let me know..
i realized,people around me greet me when i passed them..
or maybe it's me myself that lead me this way,
to have many friends but do not have 'a pack'?
maybe it's the trauma i'm having that caused this..
urgghh, i need to be happier!

ps: i love my ex-roommates n classmates :x

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