Thursday, 17 February 2011

My 14-Minutes-Survey Hee~

Doodled by aL sYa at Thursday, February 17, 2011
aaaa aku telah di-tag oleh Cik Gojes~ macam satu cabaran lak survey ne, 14-minutes-survey..baiklah, daku menyahut seruanmu CG..hehe

instruction : once you are tagged, answer the question honestLy. No Lying or cheating ok ?

starting time : 3.28pm (panas sangat skang)
name : alyaa syazana (tanpa blogspot hahaha)
brother(s) : 1 je..
eye coLour : dark brown (kot..sebab mata hitam tak wujud)
shoe size : err..malunya nak habaq.. 8 haha..agak susah nak cari kasut..
hair : red hair! bwahahaha! (korang percaya?)
piercing : two piercings, one at each ears =)
height : 160~161cm camtu la..lain tempat lain ukuran dia bagi huhu)
what are you wearing right now : just a baggy 'Langkawi' t-shirt wit old skool pants haha
where do u Live : in a house~! bwahaha! (kat Bangi je..)
favourite number : 102 (my bufday number hehe)
favourite drink : mostly fruit juice.. i.e: apple,soursop,carrot,fresh orange,etc
favourite month : february of course hoho
favourite breakfast : roti canai garing *krukk2*


broken a bone : nope
been in a poLice car : yup, but without the siren hehe
faLLen for a friend : duuhh..
faLLen for a guy / girL for a short time : itu normal kot, kagum sekejap dengan kehenseman dia, pastu tak suka dah haha
swam in the ocean : yeah right, tangan dengan gaya berenang, tapi kat bawah air tu kaki berjalan haha
broken someone's heart : not sure =.='
cried when someone's died : yup.. iskk..
sat by the phone aLL night waiting for someone caLL : tak pernah haha
saved e-maiL : nonono..
been cheated : yeah..


your room Look Like : 2 walls of red blood,another 2 walls just plain white =)
what is right beside you : my beloved handphone hehe
what is the Last thing you ate : breakfast hehe


the Last person you teLL : tell apa???talk ke, u mean? owh, my father kot hehe
who was the Last person you danced with : myself? haha
who Last made you smiLe : aa not sure, my father ke my mother? haha


what are you Listening right now : bunyi kipas pusing2 ngehehe
what did you do today : makan2, tengok tv, on9 hoho
are you the oLdest : nopeee~the youngest~~
indoors or outdoors : maksudnya?


taLk to someone you Like : my parents and my 'hubby', so YES hehe
kiss someone : aaa no~
sing : i guess not..yet.. hehe
taLk to an ex : nopes
miss someone : i do!
eat : certainly~ dah kul 3 lebih tapi belum lunch uhuhu


you taLked on the phone to : him~
made u cry : errr~ couldnt recall
you went to the maLL with : him~
who cheered you up : parents, him, my cats meoww haha!
have a crush on someone : nope selain him~ ^^
what books are you reading right now : The Vampire Diaries (yang 6th book)
best feeLing in the worLd : having someone that loves me dearly hehe
future kids name : probably starts with an A.. =p
do you sLeep with stuffed animaL : yup i do~ hoho
what's under your bed : just stuffs..
favourite sport : futsal
favourite pLace : my bed hihi
do you have a job : naah..still a student..
what time is it now : 3.49 pm(so aku kalah haha..21 minit baru siap)

with however Long it took you to compLete this,post as "my 14 minutes survey" and tag 15 peopLe... (ramainya wey?-alyaa)

  1. Afi
  2. Zuffy Zaf
  3. Nuha Muneerah
  4. Fatiha
  5. Am
  6. Cik Cahaya
  7. Bella Dona *ececeh
  8. Zatie
  9. Diyanna
  10. Cik Lala
  11. Cik Zeeta
  12. Tika Leh
  13. Ainaa Mania
  14. Fizalinolie
  15. Zalin

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TiKa LEh on 17 February 2011 at 18:46 said...

wah..cukup ke tu 14min??hehhe..opss..kena tag pulak..hehe

CiK GorGeouS ! on 17 February 2011 at 18:56 said...

yeah !! hebad betoL buat survey...thanx answering~ CG pon Letih buat ayat tuh...

aL sYa on 17 February 2011 at 21:05 said...


tika:x ckop hahah *siyes
CG:hebat ke?bese2 je~berpeluh2 jwb haha..

Cik Zeeta on 17 February 2011 at 23:08 said...

alamk..!! dh kena tag ;)
hehehe.. tenkiu

aL sYa on 17 February 2011 at 23:50 said...


slmt menjawab~

zareyLLYA a.k.a Cahaya Azun on 18 February 2011 at 09:28 said...

ups !! di-tag .
saya akan jawab masa rehat nanti ye ^_____^


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