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Young Doctor's Programme

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On 24th and 26th of August 2008, I had a precious experience during my participation in the Young Doctor’s Programme organized by Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM).

My first posting supposed to be the Orthodontics but I missed it because I joined the group a little bit late as I had to attend the Academic Excellence Ceremony to received Academic Excellence Award in my school, Maktab Rendah Sains MARA Pengkalan Chepa.

However, I had the opportunity to join the second posting, third posting and fourth posting. My second posting is Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CCU) on 24th of August 2008. During my visit to CCU, Prof. Madya Dr. Ziyadi just finished his surgery on a 16-year-old girl. She had a problem of faulty heart valve. A damaged valve forces heart to work harder to keep blood flowing as it should. Over time, this extra work can weaken the heart. This problem caused the girl to suffer heart failure. I, as a person that is only a year older than her felt that she is too young to suffer. Eventually, I realized that misery and sufferings does not count the age of a person. Then, Sister Ahzaniah gave a short explanation and briefing about heart failure and CCU.

After a quick lunch, there was a talk from Sister Mazni, the Chief Sister. She gave a lot of new information and a lot of advices. She said that nurse is a noble job. Being a nurse is not just about theory but also involve arts.

The next day, on 26th of August 2008 I continued for my third posting, Ward 7U (Female Medical Ward). Sister Rokiah Ismail explained that there are 9 attendants, 19 nurses and two teams of doctors. The ward is specialized into two parts, Critical Part and Infection Part. Meals are served 3 times a day: breakfast is on 8.00 am, lunch is on 12.00 afternoons and not to forget the dinner,

The fourth posting is Ward 1U (Gynecology). Nurse that led us in this ward is Miss Law Kim Sooi. Gynecology is all about female reproductive system. There are cases on cancer, HPE, tumor and also abortion for pregnancy less than 24 weeks. Abortion is divided to several types; threatened abortion, missed abortion (the foetus has died, but the cervix is closed and the pregnancy has not been expelled from the uterus), incomplete abortion (a miscarriage has occurred, but the uterus still retains some of the products of conception), complete abortion and septic abortion (infection). A female with a threatened abortion has vaginal bleeding during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Any vaginal bleeding prior to the 20th week of pregnancy can be considered to be a threatened abortion. Vaginal bleeding that is accompanied by lower abdominal pain dramatically increases the risk for miscarriage. The input made me more alert and cautious on health during my future pregnancy after marriage.

After the fourth posting, my friends and I did not miss the chance to visit the Ward 5U and Ward 5S where patient with psychiatry case is placed. Mr. Nazri, medical assistant, had helped us a lot with knowledge on psychiatry. Psychiatry cases are specified to several types: schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorder. Schizophrenia is divided to paranoid and disorganize. Mr. Nazri said that the youngest psychiatry patient is 13-year-old boy. He also told us that there is a special room for patient that disobeys the rules. Meanwhile, the aggressive patient will be tied on his/her bed. The amazing thing is that this ward organizes many interesting activity such as singing karaoke, playing sports, bakes cookies, and also stitching. Next, he told us that psychiatry problem is caused by three major factors; environment factor, biochemistry such as drugs, and also genetic factor which is inherits. Most cases, patients inherited from their parent(s) up to 50%.

The Young Doctor’s Program have made me realized that health is very important to oneself. The visit disabused me and I am grateful that I am still healthy right now. My dream to be a doctor someday maybe will just be a dream. I don’t think that I could stop my tears from rolling on my cheeks everyday if I choose doctor as my career. I think that my participation in this program have changed me to be a better person. All that I can say is, not only this program has exposed about the medical world to me, but also help us student to know life better and to appreciate the life that we live. With that, I thanked to HUSM for all the hard work in organizing the Young Doctor’s Programme. Good job, HUSM!

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Anonymous said...

on one of my ward-hopping trips (note: ward-hopping, not ward round), dekat wad 5 husm, there was this pak cik who cried out: Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian, sini!

mojojojo said...

org atas tu
yup2 ingt lak experience bile lawat wad 5
nervous siot tngk dr jauh
tp bile dh masuk cm best lak...

mojojojo said...

i think
one of the reasons why kau dpt disease ni sbb DS(dewan selera).
makanan berminyak siot...
kt klate minyak murah kot. huhuhu

mojojojo said...

ops silap post
ingt nk post kt bawah

aL sYa on 30 March 2009 at 21:40 said...

ko ni misteri la..
sape sbnrnye kamu?huhuhu
yeah,wad 5 sgt klaka..kih3..
siap ade mamat gila tny sape plg cantik..kah3

mojojojo said...

siap nyanyi2 lg..
klaka tul


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