Sunday, 29 March 2009


Doodled by aL sYa at Sunday, March 29, 2009
the time is 2.23am rite now..
i'll bet u guys wondering,"wut was alya doing until late at nite??"
as usual,i am still surfing the internet rite now..
sangat ketagih dgn internet since i was in standard 6..!MyEm0.Comhaha

3 am: writing this sentence..MyEm0.Comhaha
i was playing game with shira on YM,started at 11pm until juz now hihi..
before this, i thought that i was unable to play games in YM because of some error in my old version i downloaded YM version 9.0..
with semangat,sgt overwhelming,MyEm0.Comi tried once again to play YM games..
but still it failed to load..
i said,what the heck?MyEm0.Com
then shira told me to install java..
for a second i started to think"God!why i didn't know that?"huhu
ah,bengapnya aku,aku igt aku sudah celik IT!hihi

after the install is succeed,i finally managed to play games!yeay!
credits to shira 4 helping me out!hihi
we played checkers,dominoes,chess n backgammon(i dunnno anything about this!hentam je la!hehe)
but i kinda dissapointed MyEm0.Combecause we faced a tiny error to play pool~although we have tried to restart the game again..pool is my fave game during my lower secondary..miss that moment..XD
it's cool u noe..

oh yes!i almost forgot about the earth hour~my family did support the event,fyi..
we switched off the lights but we were still watching TV,my sister was surfing the web,n 3 fans was spinning!huhuMyEm0.Com
i peeked outside of my house,trying to see the dark neighbourhood!XD
but i dun think my neighbourhood was dark at that time because of earth hour,but they were off to their

well then,it's so late rite now n i have run out of ideas n mood to write..MyEm0.Com
till then,see u guys in the next post!
comment ya?XD

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